PCB manufacturing plant which is good from Semshine PCB Manufacturer in China

PCB manufacturing plant which is good from Semshine PCB Manufacturer in China

PCB Product Range

1-20 layers high density impedance, blind/buried, HDI, high frequency, high TG, Aluminum,Copper PCB.

PCBA Technical Requirements

(1)PCB assembly With UL, CE, FCC, and Rohs Approval
(2)Professional Surface-mounting and Through-hole soldering Technology.
(3)SMT nitrogen reflow technology and DIP wave soldering technology.
(4)Various packages like 1206,0805,0603 BGA components SMT technology.
(5)ICT(In Circuit Test), FCT(Functional Circuit Test) Technology.
(6)High-density interconnected board placement technology capacity.

Quote Requirements

(1)Gerber file
(2)BOM list
(3)Testing requirements

Quality Control

Supplier Evaluation
All of our suppliers have been screened and approved by our evaluation team and have extensive experience in the pcb field. Besides, we have passed ISO9001:2015, UL, ROHS to ensure high quality supply.

Pre-production Arrangement
The engineer checks the customer's design information, makes the production documents twice and is confirmed by the customer.

Control in Manufacturing
The factory has advanced automatic production line which reduces manual damage to boards.

Test of finish product
-Open/short, visual inspection and physical testing.
-Flying probe,ICT,and functional testing.

Before delivery, the item number, customer code, quantity and consignee etc must be fully checked by the PQA.
Customer service
A special customer service team contacts customer, offers quick response and provides return and refund service.

Our Advantage 

1. Our factories focus on different PCB specialization areas, for regular PCB and HDI PCB manufacturing. We can provide efficient services, saving you the cost of money and time.
2. At all stages, professional engineers and technical staffs are available to guarantee high quality for our products. With more than 10 years of experience exporting team can solve all problems that you may have.
3. Short time for manufacture arrangement, 2-4 layers of Fr4 samples can be ready in 1-3 days.
4. All-in-one service for PCB components sourcing, we provide turnkey service for PCB assembly including testing. Manual inspection for every finished PCBA.
5. Multiple shipping methods to fit your request, hand packing ensure minimum damage during shipment.