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multilayer pcb manufacturing in shenzhen

    Shenzhen Semshine Technology Co., Ltd, which has specialized in making PCB since 2006, offers one-stop PCB manufacturing services, ranging from raw material and electronic components procurement, and PCB fabrication, to PCB assembly, testing, and after-market service.
    Up to now, Semshine owns more than 20000 sqm of plant with over 60000 sqm per month production capability;  and possesses the latest professional Fully automated equipment production line to handle the PCB, including double-sided, multilayer, and HDI PCBs, etc.  It can be widely applied to a variety of fields, such as communication, medical equipment, consumer electronics, Vehicle Electronics, etc.
    With rich experience and expertise, Semshine is your go-to choice for a China PCB manufacturer.  We are looking forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with you.


pcb manufacturing Types


FR4 PCB manufacturing

FR4 PCB, based on the FR-4 material, can be divided into several types of PCBs based on their layer configuration and construction. The common types of FR4 PCBs include:

Multilayer PCBs

Multilayer PCB manufacturing

Multilayer PCB (Printed Circuit Board) refers to a type of PCB that consists of multiple layers of conductive traces and insulating material stacked together. Unlike single-layer or double-layer PCBs, which have only one or two layers of conductive material, multilayer PCBs provide increased design

Rigid-Flex PCB

Rigid-Flex PCB manufacturing

Aluminum PCB, also known as Metal Core PCB, is a type of printed circuit board that uses an aluminum base material. It possesses unique characteristics and application advantages compared to traditional substrate materials such as FR-4. The structure of an aluminum PCB typically consists of the fol

PCB production process needs attention

Accuracy of design documents

The success of PCB production is related to the accuracy of the design file, so it is necessary to be as accurate as possible when designing the PCB board, and to verify and modify it many times.

Precision and quality of plate making

Plate making is the core link of PCB production, and its accuracy and quality directly affect the quality and stability of PCB board. Therefore, the plate making process requires fine operation and control to ensure the accuracy and quality of plate making.

Etching control

Etching is one of the key links in PCB production, and it is necessary to control the parameters of etching time, temperature, concentration and so on to avoid incomplete etching or excessive etching.

Quality of welding

Welding is one of the important links of PCB production, it is necessary to control the temperature, time, pressure and other parameters of welding to ensure the quality of welding and avoid problems such as weak welding or short circuit of the pad.

 Thoroughness of cleaning

Cleaning is the last link in PCB production, it is necessary to ensure the thoroughness of cleaning, avoid leaving residue or water stains, affecting the quality and stability of the PCB board.

 Perform safe operations

PCB production involves a variety of chemicals and equipment, and requires safe operation to ensure the safety and health of operators.

pcb manufacturing Why Choose Semshine

Supplier Evaluation
All of our suppliers have been screened and approved by our evaluation team and have extensive experience in the pcb field. Besides, we have passed ISO9001:2015, UL, ROHS to ensure high quality supply.

Pre-production Arrangement
The engineer checks the customer's design information, makes the production documents twice and is confirmed by the customer.

Control in Manufacturing
The factory has advanced automatic production line which reduces manual damage to boards.

Test of finish product
-Open/short, visual inspection and physical testing.
-Flying probe,ICT,and functional testing.

Before delivery, the item number, customer code, quantity and consignee etc must be fully checked by the PQA.
Customer service
A special customer service team contacts customer, offers quick response and provides return and refund service.

PCB Manufacturer Capabilities




File Formats

Gerber files- preferred

Gerber file 274-X or ODB++

  Drill file

  3.3  leading  mm


Max. finished PCB dimensions

  400mm x 1200mm – Single/ Double-sided

  600mm x 700mm – Multilayer

Board Thickness


  1.6mm ±10%


  0.6mm ±10%


  3.2mm ±10%

  Bow and twist


Copper Thickness

Outer Cu weight


  Inner Cu weight


Laminate Materials

  FR4(KB, ILM, Shengyi, Huazheng new material ) ,
   High TG, Aluminum plate( Taiwan)

Board Cutting

Max. number of layers


Min. thickness for inner layers (Cu thickness are



Min. size


Max. size


Drill Deviation


NPTH hole tolerance


Angle of Countersink



Min. hole size


Aspect ratio



Trace width tolerance


Min. trace width / space (1oz finished Cu weight
starting from 1/3oz)

  75um/75um  (3mil/3mil)

Min. trace width / space  (1oz finished Cu weight
starting from 1/2oz)

  89um/89um  (3.5mil/3.5mmil)

Min. trace width / space (2oz finished Cu weight)

  150um/150um  (6mil/6mil)

Solder Mask



Min. solder mask clearance



  Line angle:8um(min),Linear plane:10um(min),
   base material:20-50um




Min. trace width

  100um 4mil

Min. size

  0.7mm 28mil




Flying Probe Tester

  Sample 100%


Mass order 100%

Controlled Impedance



Impedance tester

  Test impedance module




V—CUT Depth


V—CUT angle deviation



Minimum half hole:0.40mm

Surface Finish

HASL,Immersion gold(ENIG),OSP

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